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Get Your Name on the List for an Anniversary Edition MX-5 Miata!

2014 Mazda MX-5 MiataMazda’s special Pre-Order Program for the 25th Anniversary 2015 MX-5 Miata will open at exactly 10:25 am on May 20, and you can count it down along with us here at Steet Ponte Mazda on Mazda’s new microsite. Make sure to enter your email address to subscribe to reminders about the program; that way you can ensure you’ll be one of the first 100 people to reserve your very own anniversary Miata.

Don’t sleep on this opportunity, because these anniversary models are awesome, but Mazda is only bringing 100 of them here to America. It’s a special car with all kinds of exclusive features; plus it prefigures the up-and-coming new generation Miata as well.

“The MX-5 Miata is not about making history but about taking innovation a step further,” said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO, MNAO.  “Twenty-five years after the vehicle was introduced, the MX-5 continues to be the benchmark for light, responsive and fun-to-drive roadsters.  It is the genesis from which every Mazda since has been born.  With the fourth generation MX-5 on the horizon, we look forward to reinventing the segment once again.”

Even if you don’t make your way onto the list for the limited edition model, you can still come visit us at Steet Ponte Mazda to check out the standard—and still amazing—version of the MX-5 Miata as well.