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Read These Tips for Driving in Winter Weather Before You Are Caught in a Storm

Driving in winter weather

Are you nervous about driving in winter weather this year? You are certainly not alone. Snow and ice can cause some of the most hazardous conditions of the year, which is why it is vital to be prepared. To get yourself started, check out these tips for driving in winter weather:

Driving in winter weather

  • To begin with, avoid driving when you are sick or tired, which can reduce your reaction time and could be lethal on a snowy road.
  • Always increase the distance between your vehicle and the other vehicles around you when the roads are snowy, icy, or slushy.
  • Generally drive more slowly, which will also increase your fuel efficiency.
  • Whatever you do, you should neither accelerate nor decelerate quickly. Always slowly increase or decrease your speed.
  • If you find yourself skidding, try to remain calm. Gently aim your steering wheel into the direction of the skid, and your vehicle should regain control.
  • Just in case of an emergency, be sure to have a first-aid kit ready, as well as some blankets and other winter layers, keeping you safe if you have to pull off the road.


For more safety tips – or to check out one of our many available Mazda models with all-wheel drive, just in time for the season – contact us or visit us any time here at Steet Ponte Mazda.

How to Winterize Your Car


winterNow that the winter months are upon us, it’s time to prepare your car for the elements. For both your car’s health and for your safety, there are a couple of precautions that all drivers should take. The following will show you how to winterize your car.

Prevent Rusting

One of the most important steps to take in winterizing your car is to defend your car against salt. The salt that the city lays down for the snow eats away at your paint and causes your car to rust. To prevent this, wash and wax your car regularly throughout the winter months.

Prepare for Emergencies

While most people make it through the winter without problems, it’s important to be prepared for emergencies. Prepare an emergency kit that you keep somewhere in your car just in case something should go wrong. Things to include in this kit are a blanket, extra cell phone battery, water, canned food, emergency flares, and anything else that you think you may need in an emergency situation.

Following these simple steps will make your life much easier. If you have a family, remind them to protect their vehicles as well, and make sure they have an emergency kit in their car.

Black Friday Parking and Driving Tips

The prospect of driving and parking on Black Friday is daunting, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Just follow these tips and you can remove this particular source of stress from an already stressful day.

The best way to keep from making dangerous decisions on Black Friday is to plan everything in advance. You’ll already be keyed up and wanting to get the best deals as soon as possible—if you don’t know where you want to go next or where to get those deals, you might end up driving recklessly. Plus, everyone else is going to be the exact same way—don’t contribute to the danger.

Parking Garage - Black Friday ParkingOnce you’ve planned your route, download helpful map apps like Waze with real-time traffic updates so you know where roads will be most backed up and you can try to find an alternate route. You’ll get to your destination faster and with lower chance of collision.

Coffee, coffee, coffee. If you’re going to be up all night and then getting behind the wheel, you have to keep yourself awake. Make sure you stop to eat, too!

When it comes to parking, don’t fight for a spot near the front. Park far enough away that you aren’t in a heavy foot traffic spot—this not only makes you less likely to hit someone when you pull out but also means you can leave more quickly and easily than the folks near the entrance.

Black Friday parking and driving is easy when you’re prepared and watchful. Stay safe!

Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

Sharing the road with motorcycles can be a little scary—motorcycles are a lot smaller than cars, tend to weave around more, and easily hide in blind spots. Just follow these tips to keep yourself and the motorcyclists around you safe.

Sharing the road with MotorcyclesAgain: remember your blind spots. A lot more motorcycles are on the road during the summer, so checking your blind spots extra carefully before switching lanes is a must. You should also be extra cautious when switching lanes, especially on the highway, as you’ll create a gust of wind that can knock a motorcycle over if you do it too close. Put plenty of space between you and a motorcycle before you pass it.

If you’re driving behind a motorcycle, put more space than you usually would between yourself and the bike. If you have to stop suddenly, you don’t want to be anywhere near close enough to hit it—whereas tapping the rear of a car in front of you can cause a little damage, running into a motorcycle can be fatal to the rider.

Be careful at intersections, since it can be difficult to tell where and when motorcycles are turning. Any time you make a left turn, keep an eye out for approaching bikes—this is a major cause of accidents for motorcycles.

Never forget that we all have to share the road safely!

EPA Ranks Mazda as the Cleanest and Most Fuel-Efficient Automaker

As other automakers throw all of their eggs in the hybrid and electric basket, Mazda has stuck to its conventional, gasoline-powered guns. And it’s working.

cleanest and most fuel-efficient automaker - Mazda CX-%According to the latest report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Mazda ranked first in 2014 in adjusted fuel economy across its lineup, with an average 29.4 miles per gallon. It also boasted the lowest average emissions of any manufacturer, with 302 grams of CO2 emitted per mile.

In addition to being the cleanest and most fuel-efficient automaker, the EPA predicts Mazda will keep its reign at the top in 2015 and be the first to break both the average 30 mpg barrier and sub-300 grams of CO2 emissions per mile.

So there you have it. When you shop at Steet Ponte Mazda, you’ll find a lineup of cars that, on average, are cleaner and more fuel-efficient than anything you’ll be offered at other dealerships!

Get Ready for Fall with these Fall Driving Tips!

Fall is here which means cooler weather, pumpkins, caramel apples and holidays. Keeping your Mazda safe this fall is something we recommend doing. Not only getting it tuned up to make sure the lights are working properly as well as the engine, but make sure you’re aware of possible driving conditions. Check out these great fall driving tips!

  • Leaves Being on the Road – When leaves accumulate on the roads and become wet they create a very slippery driving condition similar to driving on ice. This can reduce the cars traction and cause the car to skid and possibly even lose control of the vehicle.
    • If you’re driving on a road that is covered in leaves, slow down. Go slowly around turns and bends in the road to avoid losing control of the car.
    • Keep a greater distance between you and the car in front of you. If they need to stop abruptly, this will help you avoid running into them.
    • Leaves are often piled up near the side of the road. Jumping in leaves is something that children love to do in the fall. Avoid driving through piles of leaves and use caution going around turns where children are playing.
  • Changing Weather Conditions – Autumn can be a very damp, wet season which leads to foggy days and nights. As the temperature continues to fall, frost will become more apparent during the night and early morning.
    • Set your headlights to low beam when driving through fog. This will aim the beam of the light down the road. If your headlights are on high beam, it will reflect off of the fog and cause a glare making it even more difficult to see.
    • When there is frost, make sure to drive slowly and break gently at overpasses and bridges since these areas frost over more quickly than other roadway surfaces.
  • Adjust for Fewer Daylight Hours ­– It’s no surprise that we fall back in November to save daylight hours. In the earlier darkness it’s very common to see children out playing or people walking through the neighborhood.
    • Watch out for children at their bus tops in the mornings and as they return in the afternoon.
    • During Halloween, make sure to be aware of children who are trick-or-treating. They could be wearing costumes that limit their visibility such as a mask.
  • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Keep your headlights cleaned and make sure they are in proper working order. Make sure they are aligned properly as well.
    • If your windshield wipers begin to show signs of wear and tear, replace them immediately. If it’s raining hard and your windshield wipers are worn, it will be more difficult for you to see.

These are some great fall driving tips we hope you use! If your Mazda needs serviced, visit our service department today or schedule an appointment online!