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MX-5 Miata Anniversary Edition Turns Heads in New York

2014 Mazda MX-5 MiataMazda has revealed a new MX-5 Miata Anniversary Edition at the New York International Auto Show. The sexy roadster was created to celebrate 25 years since the launch of the brand’s iconic MX-5, simply known as the “Mazda Roadster” in Japan.

More than 900,000 MX-5 units have been sold since its launch in 1989, setting a Guinness World Record for the best-selling two-seater open-top sports car.

The Anniversary Edition aims to reflect on those 25 years of heritage and fun shared with fans. It’ll be available only in Soul Red Metallic with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Buyers can expect the utmost attention to detail in every part of the vehicle, like the A-pillars, door mirrors, off-white leather upholstery, hand-finished decorative panel, and more.

Mazda also revealed the new SKYACTIV-Chassis on which the future MX-5 models will be based. One major improvement will be a lower center of gravity and more than 100 kilograms of shaved weight.

We can’t wait! Be sure to check out the MX-5, new and old, at Steet Ponte Mazda!

SKYACTIV Technology More Popular than Ever; Over 1 Million Vehicles Produced

2014 Mazda6 SKYACTIVMazda’s SKYACTIV technology is that rarest of products: a product where the execution of an idea actually surpasses the brilliance of the original idea. SKYACTIV technology encompasses a wide range of adjustments to Mazda vehicles, all of which are designed to improve the environmental impact and safety record of these vehicles without sacrificing the “zoom-zoom” power that’s always made Mazda famous.

Customers have responded in extremely positive ways to SKYACTIV technologies, as more than 1 million vehicles equipped with these technologies have now been produced as of March 2014. Three current Mazdas feature the whole SKYACTIV suite, the Mazda CX-5, Mazda6, and Mazda3. Together, 1,040,000 of these vehicles have been produced as of the end of March.

All three vehicles feature better engines and transmissions and reduced overall weight to improve fuel economy. Plus, with Mazda’s new KODO-Soul of Motion design language, these vehicles look just as good as they drive.

“At Mazda we put everything into developing our SKYACTIV vehicles, and it is because these models have struck a chord with a wide range of customers all over the world that we have reached the one million-unit landmark” Masamichi Kogai, Representative Director, President and CEO of Mazda, said. “On behalf of Mazda, let me express my gratitude to each and every person who bought one of our cars. With our undying challenging spirit and a great deal of hard work, Mazda will continue to make even more appealing cars that will enrich the lives of their owners, and help us build a strong and lasting bond with our customers.”

If you’re looking for a car whose internal organs beat with a human pulse, a pulse that aims to treat the environment and the road with equal respect, you’re looking for one of Steet Ponte Mazda’s SKYACTIV-equipped vehicles. See you soon!

Spring Cleaning Tricks for your Car

Warm weather and sunshine is here to stay—we think! And while it’s important to enjoy the rays, you’ll probably also need to do a bit of spring cleaning. During the cleaning process, don’t forget your trusty car along the way. Show your car some love with some of the spring cleaning tricks below, courtesy of all of us here at Steet Ponte Mazda.

  • Take out all the garbage. Let’s face it: you might be a hoarder. Time to pick up all those used tissues, old fries, and empty soda cans, and throw them away/recycle them! It’ll make the remaining processes so much easier.
  • Take out everything else. Really examine the things you keep in your car and think to yourself, “Do I need all this in here?” Put the stuff you don’t need in storage or in the trash, and save the rest of the stuff somewhere safe while you clean out your car.
  • Clean the car, inside and out. Run your car to the local carwash or wash it from home, being sure to get rid of all the dirt and salt from the winter. Then clean the inside with a vacuum, and even take the mats out to clean with a carpet cleaner. Also be sure to clean the insides of your windows with a good car-window cleaner.
  • Change the windshield wiper blades. Chances are, rain is coming—and lots of it. If your wipers are leaving streaks, it’s time to replace those bad boys.
  • Bring your car in for scheduled maintenance. While you’re at it, be sure you check to see if your car is scheduled for any maintenance. If it is, bring it down to Steep Ponte Mazda, which boasts the finest service department in Yorkville, New York.
  • Organize your car effectively. Now that your car is sparkling on the outside and no longer has that horrid smell on the inside, it’s time to reload your car with all the items you deemed necessary to keep in there for the ride. Just try to keep them more organized this time around!

Do you have other spring cleaning tricks for your car? Share them with us in the comments below!

Mazda March Sales Soar on Strength of Mazda2, Miata

2014 Mazda2

The winter months have been long and tough, but they are mercifully drawing to their natural end. So, too, ends the streak of slow sales month for the auto industry, as is evidenced by Mazda’s March sales success. Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) reported March sales of 34,903 units, which marks a 9 percent increase over March 2013. This brings the year-to-date total up to 78,282, putting Mazda a mere .3 percent off of last year’s pace.

“As March’s weather signaled a warming trend from the frigid temperatures seen in January and February, the month saw customers return to a shopping mood.  And in March, Mazda’s sales continued to grow, not only in quantity, but in quality as well,” said Ron Stettner, Vice President, Sales, MNAO, in the company’s press release. “We have taken a long-term view to the strength of our business and the future value of our vehicles, in order to bolster residual values through strong transaction prices and managed incentives.  When a Mazda buyer chooses a Mazda, they are making a stronger long-term investment.”

Two of the biggest winners in March were the Mazda2 and the Miata. Mazda sold 2,202 units, marking an impressive 138.1 percent year-over-year increase, and the MX-5 leapt 31.1 percent year-over-year with 751 units sold. The surge in sales may well be attributable to the reveal of the HAZUMI concept, which is purported to be the precursor to the next-gen Mazda2, and the Miata preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary (possibly by revealing its next-gen interpretation) at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

Stay tuned to the Street Ponte Mazda blog for the latest news about Mazda’s present and future vehicles!