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Mazda Avoids ‘Most Stolen Cars in America’ List

2014 Mazda CX-9LoJack is a company that provides tracking and recovery systems, most notably for cars. When their systems are installed in your vehicle, they can track and recover it in the event it’s stolen. For the last five years, LoJack has released their list of most stolen and recovered cars. This is one list we were happy to stay away from.

Maybe its good luck or maybe it’s our intelligent security systems, but Mazda cars seem to stay in the possession of their adoring owners. Most of the cars that did make the list are top-selling cars in the market, but they’re also the most susceptible to burglary and theft. Lucky for the owners of the cars that made this list, they had LoJack installed, and 90 percent of these stolen cars were recovered.

The complete list is as follows:

1. Honda Accord

2. Honda Civic

3. Toyota Camry

4. Toyota Corolla

5. Chevrolet Silverado

6. Acura Integra

7. Cadillac Escalade

8. Ford F-350

9. Nissan Altima

10. Chevrolet Tahoe

If you’re concerned about the lack of security your car offers, stop by Steet Ponte Mazda to learn more about our wide range of secure cars.

Memorial Day Events in Your Area

Memorial DayMemorial Day is a time to celebrate those who have given their lives for our country. If you’re looking for a great way to honor our heroic veterans, make sure you check out these Memorial Day events throughout Utica.

For those of you looking for a memorial ceremony, there are plenty throughout the community. A special service will be held at 1:30 on Sunday, May 27 in Whitesboro at St. Stanislaus Cemetery on Woods Road, including a wreath-laying ceremony at the Veterans’ Monument. There is also another wreath-laying ceremony on Monday, May 26 that starts at the Soldiers and Sailor Monument on Oneida Square, which then moves to the Vietnam Veterans memorial on Memorial Parkway, the POW-MIA Monument on the Parkeway, the WWI/WWII/Korean War Monument, the Purple Heart Park in West Utica, and the All Veterans Memoria at Utica’s Main Post Office on Pitcher Street.

If you enjoy celebrating our heroes with a parade, you have multiple options to choose from, including the Vernon Center’s parade, which begins at 9 AM on Monday, May 26 in front of the Vernon Center Volunteer Fire Department. There is also a Memorial Day parade in Whitesboro that includes a brick-laying ceremony and memorial service at the Village Green.  We’ll be at the New Hartford Memorial Day Parade at 7:00 PM on Monday May 26. You can come see our lineup and join us at the NH Fire Department afterwards for refreshments and a chance to look at the fire trucks!

For more information on the different Memorial Day events Utica has to offer, check out this list of events.

Get Your Name on the List for an Anniversary Edition MX-5 Miata!

2014 Mazda MX-5 MiataMazda’s special Pre-Order Program for the 25th Anniversary 2015 MX-5 Miata will open at exactly 10:25 am on May 20, and you can count it down along with us here at Steet Ponte Mazda on Mazda’s new microsite. Make sure to enter your email address to subscribe to reminders about the program; that way you can ensure you’ll be one of the first 100 people to reserve your very own anniversary Miata.

Don’t sleep on this opportunity, because these anniversary models are awesome, but Mazda is only bringing 100 of them here to America. It’s a special car with all kinds of exclusive features; plus it prefigures the up-and-coming new generation Miata as well.

“The MX-5 Miata is not about making history but about taking innovation a step further,” said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO, MNAO.  “Twenty-five years after the vehicle was introduced, the MX-5 continues to be the benchmark for light, responsive and fun-to-drive roadsters.  It is the genesis from which every Mazda since has been born.  With the fourth generation MX-5 on the horizon, we look forward to reinventing the segment once again.”

Even if you don’t make your way onto the list for the limited edition model, you can still come visit us at Steet Ponte Mazda to check out the standard—and still amazing—version of the MX-5 Miata as well.

Hazumi Concept Previews New Compact between Mazda2 and Mazda3

When the Mazda Hazumi Concept debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, everyone—including us here at Steet Ponte Mazda—simply assumed that it was the precursor to the new Mazda2. However, new information has now come to light that has us even more excited about the Hazumi and has sent us back to study the Concept in more detail.

2014 Mazda2Here’s why: a Mazda insider told Motor Trend that it’s not actually the Mazda2 that the Hazumi concept primarily prefigures. Apparently, we’ve been looking right at an all-new Mazda vehicle, a global compact car model, for months without even knowing it.

“Firstly, in contrast to the Hazumi’s width of 1730 mm, the production Mazda2 will not exceed 1700 mm,” the Mazda insider said, detailing the differences between the Mazda2 and the Concept. And the road-going Mazda2’s wheelbase will not stretch by 95 mm as you see on the concept car either. Sure, the Hazumi includes some direction towards the Mazda2, but it is also hinting at something other than a Mazda2.”

If that doesn’t get you excited to watch the Mazda news over the next few months, we’re just not sure what will! If you want to check out the Mazda2 or talk about the Hazumi with us, please come in and see us today!

Diesel Mazda6: A Mean Machine We Want

2014 Mazda6We have to admit that we are pouting – we want the diesel-powered Mazda6! The Skyactiv-D version of the 4-door sedan is not only powerful, but it’s incredibly quiet. We’ll just call it stealthy.

According the, the diesel Mazda6 is available almost everywhere in the world – except here in the U.S. The engine can’t currently meet California’s demanding emissions standards while still maintaining the level of performance Mazda demands from its vehicles. Currently Mazda is waiting on engineering developments that will allow the car to meet emissions requirements while still putting out the power Mazda fans have come to expect.

“We didn’t think the powertrain was ‘zoom-zoom’ enough,” Mazda North America CEO Jim O’Sullivan told Automobile Magazine.

The 2.2-liter four-cylinder turbocharged diesel is the second phase of Mazda’s Skyactiv engine strategy, following the 2.5-liter gasoline engine that is already widely used across the Mazda’s lineup. The diesel, called Skyactiv-D, creates about 148 hp and 280 lb-ft in the European-spec Mazda6.

Despite these setbacks, Mazda hasn’t given up on bringing diesel vehicles to the U.S. “We’re still committed to bringing diesel to North America,” says Robert Davis, senior vice president, Mazda US Operations. “It separates us from the other Japanese manufacturers and it allows us to compete with Germany near-luxury cars.”

For now we’ll be waiting on that ‘zoom zoom’, and in the meantime, stop by Steet Ponte Mazda to check out the 2.5-liter gasoline engine Mazda 6, which is pretty darn impressive in its own right!