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Mazda Bio-Based Material Expected in Upcoming MX-5

Mazda Bio-Based Material The Mazda Miata is elevating its status to an even more innovative level, with Mazda establishing its 2016 model as the first to incorporate parts made from an all-new bioplastic, made directly by Mazda.

The bio-based engineering plastic is suitable for many automobile parts on the exterior of cars, allowing the company to lower its environmental impact significantly. This comes in handy not only for the environment, but also for Mazda, at a time when environmentally friendly cars are more popular than ever.

Little is known about the new material, but allegedly, it’s easy to mold, remarkably durable, and able to achieve a mirror-like finish that looks to be even higher quality than classic plastic.

The Mazda bio-based material can be used for interior parts as well, as it will be utilized for the upcoming 2016 Mazda MX-5.

No official release date has been announced for any Mazda models with the new material, so in the meantime, head on down to Steet Ponte Mazda to explore our available models.

Refinements Delay Release Of Diesel Mazda 6

Mazda to therapist: “I really need to work on myself.” Actually, things are going pretty great over at Mazda. But one thing that the automaker readily admits it really would like to work on is the diesel version of the Mazda 6.

Diesel Mazda 6Green Car Reports says that the Mazda 6 featuring the SKYACTIV-D diesel powertrain meets emission standards in the US. That’s not the problem. It’s a performance matter, truth be told.

Mazda North American CEO Jim O’Sullivan said a couple of important things about the diesel Mazda 6. While there were performance numbers that the company “didn’t like,” he has reiterated that Mazda is “still committed” to a diesel version. The solution may be a urea-injection exhaust after treatment system.

While Mazda didn’t meet its spring launch date for the diesel Mazda 6, it is encouraging to know that they’d rather delay a release than put forth a product that they are not confident about. We here at Steet Monte Mazda have no doubt that they will soon work out the kinks!

Mazda Announces Return of the Mazda Drive for Good Event

Mazda Drive For GoodIt’s that time of year when Mazda partners with non-profit organizations to support their charitable efforts, and you can help. As part of the 2014 Mazda Drive for Good event, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) will donate $150 to one of four national organizations for every Mazda vehicle purchased during the holiday season.

Upon purchase or lease of a new Mazda, owners will be able to choose from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital®, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or Mazda Foundation (USA) as their preferred charity to receive the $150 donation. Mazda also provides a list of local charities eligible to receive the donation.

In addition, for every test drive taken, Mazda employees, dealers (yep, that includes us here at Steet Ponte Mazda), and other business partners will donate one hour of service.

“We are excited to have increased the donation amount for the 2014 Mazda Drive for Good charity event,” said Jim O’Sullivan, MNAO president and CEO.

“Mazda donated more than $2.7 million last year and while we know the charity partners were appreciative, we always want to do more. However, no Mazda charity event would be complete without rolling up our sleeves and lending a helping hand by donating an hour of charitable service for every test drive.”

For more information, check out the event website or come see us today for your new Mazda.

Dynamic Mazda CX-3 Crossover Poised to Change the Market

2015 Mazda6 - Mazda CX-3 Coming Soon!Small crossovers are a popular vehicle and there are tons in production, but they all seem to be the same thing. The dynamic Mazda CX-3 crossover is different, and something we all needed to see.

There are so many bland crossovers, weird crossovers (looking at you, Nissan Juke), or ones that fail to be innovative (**cough cough** Jeep Renegade **cough**). But the Mazda CX-3 has a sleek design with a fresh profile. It truly stands apart from the rest.

The car was shown off at the LA Auto Show in Mazda’s trademark Soul Red color. It’s perfect for four passengers and has adequate cargo space.

The design really brings it to the next level, as well. Similar to a CX-5 or a Mazda6 in quality, however it has a simple design that really highlights its elegant design. This vehicle contains everything it needs to be just what we’re all looking for in a crossover.

Here at Steet Ponte Mazda, we know that our brand is a cut above the rest, and we look forward to helping you discover that, too.