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2015 Mazda3 Grand Touring Turns Heads

2015 Mazda3 Grand TouringIt’s no secret the Mazda3 holds over half of the company’s sales and for good reason. In its third generation, which first hit the pavement in 2014, the Mazda3 has maintained its position on Mazda Motors’ sales reports. For 2015, there isn’t much that’s changed compared to last year’s model. The only major change can be found under the hood in the form of a 2.5-liter engine. That being said, let’s take a look at the highest trim, the Grand Touring.

The Mazda3 Grand Touring comes with a whole bag of optional goodies including forward obstruction warning, radar cruise control, and lane departure warning, just to name a few. Without this technology package, the Grand Touring weighs in at a little over $26,000. For the highest trim, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Even with the larger engine the car still gets 29 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway. There was no sacrifice to power, either. Horsepower-to-torque ratio is nearly even with 184 hp and 185 lb-ft. As you’d expect, the Grand Touring model has every comfort offered interior and there’s little left to be desired. Power and heated seats, lumbar support, voice-activated radio, and speed-sensitive volume control are just a few of the many features. Customer satisfaction, both behind the wheel and under the hood, came first when building the 2015 Mazda3 Grand Touring trim.

Mazda2 Celebrates new Model with Special Edition Sedan

There’s a new version of the Mazda2 out there on the roads now—and the brand is taking the opportunity to show off some exciting new versions of the model as a celebration. The Black Edition and White Edition of the new Mazda2 might only be available in the UK right now, but that doesn’t keep us from getting excited about them here in the States.

Mazda2 Special Edition SedanOf course, as the names of the special edition sedan models imply, these vehicles come with some killer paint options. The Black Edition comes with Jet Black Mica paint while the White Edition wears a Crystal White Pearlescent coat—and together, they both add up to the most stylish look the Mazda2 has ever seen. There’s power underneath that exterior, too, thanks to a 1.3-liter engine and a five-speed manual transmission that makes these sedans sporty and zippy enough to conquer any road.

“The Mazda2 Black Edition and White Edition represent a last chance for our customers to get their hands on a unique version of the current 5-door Mazda2,” said UK sales director Peter Allibon. “As with every Mazda special edition model, they combine bespoke exterior and interior styling with a lavish standard equipment specification, offering customers stand-out individuality and outstanding value for money.”

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Mazda 2014 Sales Numbers Best in 20 Years

It looks like Mazda can look back on 2014 with some fond memories. The Japanese carmaker recently announced that Mazda 2014 sales were the best the company has recorded since 1994. Over the course of last year, Mazda boasted a 7.7% increase in sales since 2013 after selling a total of 305,802 units in both the fleet and retail sector.

Mazda 2014 Sales - 2015 Mazda CX-5“2014 can only be described as historical when it comes to Mazda sales,” said Ron Stettner, vice president of sales for Mazda North America. “Mazda3, Mazda6, and CX-5 have out-performed all year and, as a result, we surpassed 300,000 vehicle sales for the first time since 1994. The support of our dealers, along with the strongest, most-competitive showroom we have ever offered is the driving force behind our success; I’m confident we’ll continue this momentum through 2015 and beyond.”

Helping Mazda achieve these great sales numbers was the Mazda3, which recorded its second best December sales last month after selling 9,719 units. The CX-5 also made a lasting impression, almost selling 100,000 vehicles in 2014, which was a 24.6% increase in sales compared to 2013.

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The Mazda Furai Comes Back to Life in Gran Turismo Video Game

Eight years ago, Mazda released what it called the Furai, a dramatically designed concept that captured the hearts and imaginations of race car fans everywhere. Then, sadly, it was destroyed in a fire just a year later. Now the Mazda Furai comes back to life, sort of, in the Gran Turismo video game for PlayStation.

Mazda is the latest automaker to participate in the Vision Gran Turismo project, which challenged manufacturers to create digital concepts for in-game play. Mazda calls its concept the LM55 Vision Gran Turismo, which has obvious design similarities to the Furai.

Mazda says the car also was also inspired by the 1991 Le Mans winner, the rotary-powered 787B. However, the paint scheme on the LM55 is closer to the other 787 cars in the race.

The car is available to download now, so log in and give it a go. In case you don’t have the Gran Turismo game, watch this video to see some of the design process and watch the car in action.

Will you be adding the Mazda Furai-inspired car to your Gran Turismo garage?

Mazda-Powered Indy Lights Announced for Upcoming Trade Show

Mazda-Powered Indy LightsMazda has announced that they will be powering the 2015 Dallara Indy Lights chassis at the upcoming Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show by providing engines for the vehicles, just one example of Mazda’s involvement in the world of motorsports.

The 2.0-liter turbocharged Mazda MZR engines, which will be used in Indy Lights, were initially developed as part of Mazda’s Advanced Engine Research program. These engines were first utilized by Mazda in both the American and European Le Mans Series.

“Almost a third of Indy 500 field traces their roots to Mazda … (Indy Lights) allows us to have an even longer, more productive relationship with the Indy stars of the future,” John Doonan, director of Mazda Motorsports said, adding, “we can’t wait for the season to start at St. Pete, all the way to autumn in Monterey at our own Mazda Raceway for the season finale.”

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