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New Mazda Campaign Out to Prove that “Driving Matters”

The new Mazda campaign has officially launched and it’s out to prove that “Driving Matters.” Caught up in our everyday lives, most of us pass by the thought of what being able to drive actually means. We have the freedom to travel wherever and whenever we want, and it’s a wonderful privilege we often take for granted.

2016 Mazda CX-5 - new Mazda campaignNot only do we take the opportunity for granted, but the fun and excitement that driving brings as well. Mazda’s new message that “Driving Matters” demonstrates that driving is so much more than just operating a vehicle.

Russel Wager, Vice President of Marketing at Mazda North American Operations, said, “Through the Driving Matters campaign, consumers will get a glimpse at why driver matters so much to Mazda and why we obsess over every detail in designing our cars. Whether it’s for safety purposes or for maintaining our ‘fun to drive’ nature, it all comes down to the fact that driving matters to our customers and it matters to us.”

Driving is something most of us do every day and oftentimes we miss the little moments of fun we have in our cars. After one view of the new Mazda campaign, maybe we’ll take our cars and the fun of driving a little less for granted. You can check out the first “Driving Matters” story here.

Mazda3 Named to KBB’s 10 Coolest Cars Under 18k

2015 Mazda3 - 10 Coolest Cars Under 18kFor the second consecutive year, the Mazda3 has been named the number one vehicle on Kelley Blue Book’s 10 Coolest Cars Under 18k list! The exciting news adds to the Mazda’s already cool, sophisticated appeal.

The top ten cars for the list were selected based on two items: how fun they are to drive and if they’re fun to own. considers the two criteria to be major factors when judging a car on its “coolness.” judges were extremely impressed after last year’s remodel and were equally as impressed with the Mazda3 again in 2015.

The Mazda has a lot more going for it than just its cool factor as well; it’s, of course, under $18k starting at just $16,945. It also includes a host of technologies including SKYACTIV engine options, i-ELOOP which boosts the Mazda3’s fuel efficiency, Mazda Connect infotainment system, and i-ACTIVESENSE safety system.

The 2015 Mazda3 is available now at Street Ponte Mazda if you’re interested in taking a test-drive in one of the coolest and most valuable sedans around!