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Genius New Mazda Bio Engineering Plastic Is Scratch Resistant, No Paint Required

Mazda Bio Engineering Plastic to end all paint scratches

Once again, Mazda has come up with a solution for one of drivers’ biggest pet peeves, scratches in the exterior paint. Even if you are able to avoid collisions and scrapes, it seems like scratches always find their way. Mazda’s new bio engineering plastic aims to make scratches and frequent polishing a worry of the past, as it is extremely scratch resistant as well as waterproof. Plus, it’s even better for the environment! Talk about a win/win scenario.

The non-toxic material meets all safety standards, can be molded into any shape and is therefore usable for any Mazda model, and it doesn’t even require painting. It can simply be created in a range of colors, avoiding harmful paint.

The paint used to color vehicles is actually surprisingly bad for the environment, with volatile organic compounds (VOC) being produced in the form of paint emissions. The Mazda bio engineering plastic will eliminate this hazard altogether.

Mazda is already using their bio-engineering plastic on parts of the new Roadster RF concept model, which will soon be released in Japan. No word yet on when the technology will be available here in the United States.

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Read These Tips for Driving in Winter Weather Before You Are Caught in a Storm

Driving in winter weather

Are you nervous about driving in winter weather this year? You are certainly not alone. Snow and ice can cause some of the most hazardous conditions of the year, which is why it is vital to be prepared. To get yourself started, check out these tips for driving in winter weather:

Driving in winter weather

  • To begin with, avoid driving when you are sick or tired, which can reduce your reaction time and could be lethal on a snowy road.
  • Always increase the distance between your vehicle and the other vehicles around you when the roads are snowy, icy, or slushy.
  • Generally drive more slowly, which will also increase your fuel efficiency.
  • Whatever you do, you should neither accelerate nor decelerate quickly. Always slowly increase or decrease your speed.
  • If you find yourself skidding, try to remain calm. Gently aim your steering wheel into the direction of the skid, and your vehicle should regain control.
  • Just in case of an emergency, be sure to have a first-aid kit ready, as well as some blankets and other winter layers, keeping you safe if you have to pull off the road.


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