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Fall Road Hazards – Beware!

We all know the notorious dangers of driving in the winter – icy roads, blinding snow, stalling engines. But, did you know that there’s a laundry list of fall road hazards as well?

Fall Road HazardsWatch out for these troublesome autumn surprises when you’re on the road this season:


Fall weather isn’t just pretty sunlight shining through the changing leaves – it’s hard rain, frost, and foggy mornings, too. Always have your lights on in rain and fog, but beware the use of high beams, especially in the fog. The bright lights will reflect off of the fog bank and just make your visibility tougher.


Leaves are a danger during the fall for two reasons. The obvious reason is that they fall onto the roads and mess with your car’s traction and stability. But, the less obvious reason comes from other drivers. People love to slow down, sometimes stop entirely, to gawk at the beautiful colors all around. These beautiful views are just accidents waiting to happen; when you’re looking at the trees, you’re not looking at the road.

The Sun

Summertime gets all the credit for sunshine, but as the days get shorter in the fall, the setting sun aligns perfectly with your work commutes. The low position of the sun puts it perfectly ahead of your windshield or in your rearview. Always bring proper sun protection!

These fall road hazards might seem like nothing, but don’t take them lightly. Stay safe on the road this season!

Get Ready for Fall with these Fall Driving Tips!

Fall is here which means cooler weather, pumpkins, caramel apples and holidays. Keeping your Mazda safe this fall is something we recommend doing. Not only getting it tuned up to make sure the lights are working properly as well as the engine, but make sure you’re aware of possible driving conditions. Check out these great fall driving tips!

  • Leaves Being on the Road – When leaves accumulate on the roads and become wet they create a very slippery driving condition similar to driving on ice. This can reduce the cars traction and cause the car to skid and possibly even lose control of the vehicle.
    • If you’re driving on a road that is covered in leaves, slow down. Go slowly around turns and bends in the road to avoid losing control of the car.
    • Keep a greater distance between you and the car in front of you. If they need to stop abruptly, this will help you avoid running into them.
    • Leaves are often piled up near the side of the road. Jumping in leaves is something that children love to do in the fall. Avoid driving through piles of leaves and use caution going around turns where children are playing.
  • Changing Weather Conditions – Autumn can be a very damp, wet season which leads to foggy days and nights. As the temperature continues to fall, frost will become more apparent during the night and early morning.
    • Set your headlights to low beam when driving through fog. This will aim the beam of the light down the road. If your headlights are on high beam, it will reflect off of the fog and cause a glare making it even more difficult to see.
    • When there is frost, make sure to drive slowly and break gently at overpasses and bridges since these areas frost over more quickly than other roadway surfaces.
  • Adjust for Fewer Daylight Hours ­– It’s no surprise that we fall back in November to save daylight hours. In the earlier darkness it’s very common to see children out playing or people walking through the neighborhood.
    • Watch out for children at their bus tops in the mornings and as they return in the afternoon.
    • During Halloween, make sure to be aware of children who are trick-or-treating. They could be wearing costumes that limit their visibility such as a mask.
  • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Keep your headlights cleaned and make sure they are in proper working order. Make sure they are aligned properly as well.
    • If your windshield wipers begin to show signs of wear and tear, replace them immediately. If it’s raining hard and your windshield wipers are worn, it will be more difficult for you to see.

These are some great fall driving tips we hope you use! If your Mazda needs serviced, visit our service department today or schedule an appointment online!