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Experience Haunted Excursions on the Adirondack Scenic Railway

Adirondack Scenic Railway

Photo by: Mwanner

While it isn’t exclusively a Halloween attraction, once a month the Adirondack Scenic Railway invites passengers to come for a ride in the evening, when it takes passengers on a two-hour round trip from Thendara Station to tell ghostly stories of crime, murder, and tragedy. Referred to as the Haunted History Evening Excursion, the next of these events falls on October 22nd. So if you’re looking to get in the Halloween spirit, this is a great, unique experience.

The stories told by attendants on the scenic passenger train are derived from the book Haunted Old Forge, which details the spirits lingering on the slopes of the Adirondack Mountains. Beware, however; you’ll be lead out into the heart of the action. Passengers will be required to disembark the train and follow the guide through the wilderness on the mountains, supposedly surrounded by the spirits of legend discussed by the guide. The story will be told by authors Dennis Webster and Bernadette Peck, as well as acting troupe the Players of Utica.

In the fall, the Adirondack Scenic Railway departs for this haunted adventure at 7:00pm, so make sure to arrive before then and dress appropriately for the weather. Coach ticket rates are $25 per person. The railway also recommends proper footwear for walking, bug spray, and perhaps even a flashlight—and don’t forget some extra cash for the gift shop so you can bring home a souvenir.

Be Safe Going Trick-or-Treat this Halloween!

Trick-or-Treat safety tips this HalloweenHalloween is almost here and we want to make sure you and your kids are safe while going trick-or-treat this year! Below are some tips on how to keep safe this year when you are out and about!

  1. Drive Safely – Slow down and being very alert when driving in residential neighborhoods. Take extra time and look for kids at crosswalks, intersections and on the curbs. If you run out of candy halfway through and have to run out and get more, make sure you back out and enter your driveway slowly.
  2. Keep Costumes Safe – Make sure that your child’s costume is the right size. If it is too big they can easily trip and fall over it and hurt themselves. Avoid masks if possible so that your child’s vision is obstructed. Choose an alternative like makeup or face paint. Also put reflective paint or stickers on their bags to help drivers see them quicker.
  3. Walk Safely – When you are out and about on trick-or-treat night, look left and right before crossing the road. Use traffic signals and crosswalks if they are available. Watch for cars that are backing up and teach your kids to never dart out in the street or between parked cars.
  4. Go with an Adult – If you think your kid is mature enough to go without you, advise them to go in a group of friends and stay to areas they are familiar with and that are well lit. If you kid is under 12, accompany them on their trick-or-treat adventure.

These are some of our Halloween safety tips for when you are going trick-or-treat with your kids! We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

Get Ready for Fall with these Fall Driving Tips!

Fall is here which means cooler weather, pumpkins, caramel apples and holidays. Keeping your Mazda safe this fall is something we recommend doing. Not only getting it tuned up to make sure the lights are working properly as well as the engine, but make sure you’re aware of possible driving conditions. Check out these great fall driving tips!

  • Leaves Being on the Road – When leaves accumulate on the roads and become wet they create a very slippery driving condition similar to driving on ice. This can reduce the cars traction and cause the car to skid and possibly even lose control of the vehicle.
    • If you’re driving on a road that is covered in leaves, slow down. Go slowly around turns and bends in the road to avoid losing control of the car.
    • Keep a greater distance between you and the car in front of you. If they need to stop abruptly, this will help you avoid running into them.
    • Leaves are often piled up near the side of the road. Jumping in leaves is something that children love to do in the fall. Avoid driving through piles of leaves and use caution going around turns where children are playing.
  • Changing Weather Conditions – Autumn can be a very damp, wet season which leads to foggy days and nights. As the temperature continues to fall, frost will become more apparent during the night and early morning.
    • Set your headlights to low beam when driving through fog. This will aim the beam of the light down the road. If your headlights are on high beam, it will reflect off of the fog and cause a glare making it even more difficult to see.
    • When there is frost, make sure to drive slowly and break gently at overpasses and bridges since these areas frost over more quickly than other roadway surfaces.
  • Adjust for Fewer Daylight Hours ­– It’s no surprise that we fall back in November to save daylight hours. In the earlier darkness it’s very common to see children out playing or people walking through the neighborhood.
    • Watch out for children at their bus tops in the mornings and as they return in the afternoon.
    • During Halloween, make sure to be aware of children who are trick-or-treating. They could be wearing costumes that limit their visibility such as a mask.
  • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Keep your headlights cleaned and make sure they are in proper working order. Make sure they are aligned properly as well.
    • If your windshield wipers begin to show signs of wear and tear, replace them immediately. If it’s raining hard and your windshield wipers are worn, it will be more difficult for you to see.

These are some great fall driving tips we hope you use! If your Mazda needs serviced, visit our service department today or schedule an appointment online!