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New Mazda Campaign Out to Prove that “Driving Matters”

The new Mazda campaign has officially launched and it’s out to prove that “Driving Matters.” Caught up in our everyday lives, most of us pass by the thought of what being able to drive actually means. We have the freedom to travel wherever and whenever we want, and it’s a wonderful privilege we often take for granted.

2016 Mazda CX-5 - new Mazda campaignNot only do we take the opportunity for granted, but the fun and excitement that driving brings as well. Mazda’s new message that “Driving Matters” demonstrates that driving is so much more than just operating a vehicle.

Russel Wager, Vice President of Marketing at Mazda North American Operations, said, “Through the Driving Matters campaign, consumers will get a glimpse at why driver matters so much to Mazda and why we obsess over every detail in designing our cars. Whether it’s for safety purposes or for maintaining our ‘fun to drive’ nature, it all comes down to the fact that driving matters to our customers and it matters to us.”

Driving is something most of us do every day and oftentimes we miss the little moments of fun we have in our cars. After one view of the new Mazda campaign, maybe we’ll take our cars and the fun of driving a little less for granted. You can check out the first “Driving Matters” story here.

Accessories Concept Miata Debuts in Chicago

The Mazda MX-5 Miata has returned to its genesis; where it all began. That is the Chicago Auto Show, where in 1989, Mazda delivered a game-changer in the beloved first generation of the iconic roadster. This year’s show marked the debut of the next-generation Miata adorned in a concept package that really turned heads.

Accessories Concept Miata“There is so much MX-5 history at the Chicago Auto Show, and we wanted to continue building on that,” said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO, Mazda North American Operations. “The MX-5 is the soul of our company, and its enthusiast following both inside and outside of Mazda drives us to keep innovating new ideas for it and the rest of our lineup.”

To that end, the accessories concept Miata dazzled with its gloss-black aero kit, consisting of a spoiler, side skirts, and down-force wings to the front and rear bumpers. The roadster also sports red-calipered Brembo brakes on all four BBS forged black 17-inch wheels. Lastly, the package includes a sporty carbon-fiber luggage rack weighing only two pounds.

The new 2016 Mazda MX-5, available this summer, features the innovations today’s drivers crave as well as its predecessors’ pure joy to drive. It’s the best of both worlds at Steet Ponte Mazda!

Mazda 2014 Sales Numbers Best in 20 Years

It looks like Mazda can look back on 2014 with some fond memories. The Japanese carmaker recently announced that Mazda 2014 sales were the best the company has recorded since 1994. Over the course of last year, Mazda boasted a 7.7% increase in sales since 2013 after selling a total of 305,802 units in both the fleet and retail sector.

Mazda 2014 Sales - 2015 Mazda CX-5“2014 can only be described as historical when it comes to Mazda sales,” said Ron Stettner, vice president of sales for Mazda North America. “Mazda3, Mazda6, and CX-5 have out-performed all year and, as a result, we surpassed 300,000 vehicle sales for the first time since 1994. The support of our dealers, along with the strongest, most-competitive showroom we have ever offered is the driving force behind our success; I’m confident we’ll continue this momentum through 2015 and beyond.”

Helping Mazda achieve these great sales numbers was the Mazda3, which recorded its second best December sales last month after selling 9,719 units. The CX-5 also made a lasting impression, almost selling 100,000 vehicles in 2014, which was a 24.6% increase in sales compared to 2013.

Stop in to Steet Ponte Mazda today to see why Mazda 2014 sales were the best in 20 years!

Refinements Delay Release Of Diesel Mazda 6

Mazda to therapist: “I really need to work on myself.” Actually, things are going pretty great over at Mazda. But one thing that the automaker readily admits it really would like to work on is the diesel version of the Mazda 6.

Diesel Mazda 6Green Car Reports says that the Mazda 6 featuring the SKYACTIV-D diesel powertrain meets emission standards in the US. That’s not the problem. It’s a performance matter, truth be told.

Mazda North American CEO Jim O’Sullivan said a couple of important things about the diesel Mazda 6. While there were performance numbers that the company “didn’t like,” he has reiterated that Mazda is “still committed” to a diesel version. The solution may be a urea-injection exhaust after treatment system.

While Mazda didn’t meet its spring launch date for the diesel Mazda 6, it is encouraging to know that they’d rather delay a release than put forth a product that they are not confident about. We here at Steet Monte Mazda have no doubt that they will soon work out the kinks!

Mazda Announces Return of the Mazda Drive for Good Event

Mazda Drive For GoodIt’s that time of year when Mazda partners with non-profit organizations to support their charitable efforts, and you can help. As part of the 2014 Mazda Drive for Good event, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) will donate $150 to one of four national organizations for every Mazda vehicle purchased during the holiday season.

Upon purchase or lease of a new Mazda, owners will be able to choose from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital®, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or Mazda Foundation (USA) as their preferred charity to receive the $150 donation. Mazda also provides a list of local charities eligible to receive the donation.

In addition, for every test drive taken, Mazda employees, dealers (yep, that includes us here at Steet Ponte Mazda), and other business partners will donate one hour of service.

“We are excited to have increased the donation amount for the 2014 Mazda Drive for Good charity event,” said Jim O’Sullivan, MNAO president and CEO.

“Mazda donated more than $2.7 million last year and while we know the charity partners were appreciative, we always want to do more. However, no Mazda charity event would be complete without rolling up our sleeves and lending a helping hand by donating an hour of charitable service for every test drive.”

For more information, check out the event website or come see us today for your new Mazda.

Mazda Tops EPA Fuel Economy Trends Report for Second Time

Every year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) releases a report that highlights the most fuel-efficient carmakers in the United States. This year, the EPA Fuel Economy Trends Report has found Mazda Motor Corporation to be the number one carmaker in fuel economy for the second time in a row. Due mostly to the company’s use of their unique SkyActiv Technology, Mazda cars have reduced emissions significantly, helping keep the earth (and customers’ wallets) greener.

Mazda - EPA Fuel Economy Trends Report“Mazda has never been one to rest on its laurels, continuing to work hard, innovate, and engineer vehicles that offer class-leading fuel economy in nearly every segment it competes in,” said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO of Mazda North American Operations. “Because the internal combustion engine is still used in more than 90 percent of the cars and SUVs sold in North America today, we chose to focus on perfecting both the operation and performance of the engine, as well as all the other systems and components that affect efficiency. Offering this technology—at an affordable price—to every consumer will help improve our overall environmental impact.”

And improve Mazda’s environmental impact, it has. The Japanese carmaker boasts the highest fleet-wide fuel economy with 28.1 miles per gallon, while also having the lowest adjusted CO2 emissions of 316. So next time you are looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle, make sure you stop in to Steet Ponte Mazda and see what green cars we have to offer!

Mazda Partners with Fashion Rocks for Summer Fun

2015 Mazda6 - Fashion RocksMazda’s sleek designs are going to be more fashion forward than ever after announcing it is the exclusive automotive partner of Fashion Rocks, a CBS television network special. The show, which celebrates the relationship between fashion and music, will air on Tuesday, September 9, 2014.

“Like music and fashion, Mazda was born from passion, a deep passion for and commitment to innovation that guides everything that we do today and into the future,” said Russell Wager, Mazda North America vice president of marketing. “Our partnership with Fashion Rocks gives us the opportunity to share our brand with consumers and let them experience our vehicles in an unexpected, yet authentic, way.”

The partnership launched on August 1, when Mazda debuted the “Road to Fashion Rocks” digital campaign, which is based on the television show’s website. Through the website, Mazda combines videos of their vehicles with ones from Fashion Rock artists, highlighting the show’s creativity.

The September 9th show will feature the 2016 MX-5 Miata. To see the vehicles featured on the show firsthand, stop in to Steet Ponte Mazda today.

Diesel Mazda6: A Mean Machine We Want

2014 Mazda6We have to admit that we are pouting – we want the diesel-powered Mazda6! The Skyactiv-D version of the 4-door sedan is not only powerful, but it’s incredibly quiet. We’ll just call it stealthy.

According the automobilemag.com, the diesel Mazda6 is available almost everywhere in the world – except here in the U.S. The engine can’t currently meet California’s demanding emissions standards while still maintaining the level of performance Mazda demands from its vehicles. Currently Mazda is waiting on engineering developments that will allow the car to meet emissions requirements while still putting out the power Mazda fans have come to expect.

“We didn’t think the powertrain was ‘zoom-zoom’ enough,” Mazda North America CEO Jim O’Sullivan told Automobile Magazine.

The 2.2-liter four-cylinder turbocharged diesel is the second phase of Mazda’s Skyactiv engine strategy, following the 2.5-liter gasoline engine that is already widely used across the Mazda’s lineup. The diesel, called Skyactiv-D, creates about 148 hp and 280 lb-ft in the European-spec Mazda6.

Despite these setbacks, Mazda hasn’t given up on bringing diesel vehicles to the U.S. “We’re still committed to bringing diesel to North America,” says Robert Davis, senior vice president, Mazda US Operations. “It separates us from the other Japanese manufacturers and it allows us to compete with Germany near-luxury cars.”

For now we’ll be waiting on that ‘zoom zoom’, and in the meantime, stop by Steet Ponte Mazda to check out the 2.5-liter gasoline engine Mazda 6, which is pretty darn impressive in its own right!