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Mazda3 Named to KBB’s 10 Coolest Cars Under 18k

2015 Mazda3 - 10 Coolest Cars Under 18kFor the second consecutive year, the Mazda3 has been named the number one vehicle on Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.com 10 Coolest Cars Under 18k list! The exciting news adds to the Mazda’s already cool, sophisticated appeal.

The top ten cars for the list were selected based on two items: how fun they are to drive and if they’re fun to own. KBB.com considers the two criteria to be major factors when judging a car on its “coolness.” KBB.com judges were extremely impressed after last year’s remodel and were equally as impressed with the Mazda3 again in 2015.

The Mazda has a lot more going for it than just its cool factor as well; it’s, of course, under $18k starting at just $16,945. It also includes a host of technologies including SKYACTIV engine options, i-ELOOP which boosts the Mazda3’s fuel efficiency, Mazda Connect infotainment system, and i-ACTIVESENSE safety system.

The 2015 Mazda3 is available now at Street Ponte Mazda if you’re interested in taking a test-drive in one of the coolest and most valuable sedans around!

2016 Mazda MX-5 Launch Edition

Mazda gave the public eye a look at its new and improved roadster at the New York Auto Show a few weeks ago, and its popularity is higher than ever. The automaker also announced that the MX-5 Launch Edition would be limited to 1,000 units in the United States. To preorder, check out the official preorder site.

2016 Mazda MX-5 Launch EditionThe MX-5 Launch Edition comes as the first new generation roadster. The special edition is expected to sell out within an hour. Last year’s 2015 MX-5 25th Anniversary Edition sold out in 10 minutes flat. All Launch Edition models will be exclusively Soul Red with a Sport Tan leather interior.

“Along with the privilege of exclusivity and being among the first 1,000 to take delivery, owners will be able to enjoy our latest entertainment, safety and luxury technologies — many of which are unique among sports cars,’’ said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO of Mazda North American Operations.

For those of you interested in getting one of these limited edition models, you’ll want to check out the official site, complete with countdown to when preordering begins. Preregister now so you can return once the model is officially on sale. You’ll need a $500 deposit and the full price will be announced later.

Refinements Delay Release Of Diesel Mazda 6

Mazda to therapist: “I really need to work on myself.” Actually, things are going pretty great over at Mazda. But one thing that the automaker readily admits it really would like to work on is the diesel version of the Mazda 6.

Diesel Mazda 6Green Car Reports says that the Mazda 6 featuring the SKYACTIV-D diesel powertrain meets emission standards in the US. That’s not the problem. It’s a performance matter, truth be told.

Mazda North American CEO Jim O’Sullivan said a couple of important things about the diesel Mazda 6. While there were performance numbers that the company “didn’t like,” he has reiterated that Mazda is “still committed” to a diesel version. The solution may be a urea-injection exhaust after treatment system.

While Mazda didn’t meet its spring launch date for the diesel Mazda 6, it is encouraging to know that they’d rather delay a release than put forth a product that they are not confident about. We here at Steet Monte Mazda have no doubt that they will soon work out the kinks!

Mazda Announces Return of the Mazda Drive for Good Event

Mazda Drive For GoodIt’s that time of year when Mazda partners with non-profit organizations to support their charitable efforts, and you can help. As part of the 2014 Mazda Drive for Good event, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) will donate $150 to one of four national organizations for every Mazda vehicle purchased during the holiday season.

Upon purchase or lease of a new Mazda, owners will be able to choose from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital®, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or Mazda Foundation (USA) as their preferred charity to receive the $150 donation. Mazda also provides a list of local charities eligible to receive the donation.

In addition, for every test drive taken, Mazda employees, dealers (yep, that includes us here at Steet Ponte Mazda), and other business partners will donate one hour of service.

“We are excited to have increased the donation amount for the 2014 Mazda Drive for Good charity event,” said Jim O’Sullivan, MNAO president and CEO.

“Mazda donated more than $2.7 million last year and while we know the charity partners were appreciative, we always want to do more. However, no Mazda charity event would be complete without rolling up our sleeves and lending a helping hand by donating an hour of charitable service for every test drive.”

For more information, check out the event website or come see us today for your new Mazda.

Dynamic Mazda CX-3 Crossover Poised to Change the Market

2015 Mazda6 - Mazda CX-3 Coming Soon!Small crossovers are a popular vehicle and there are tons in production, but they all seem to be the same thing. The dynamic Mazda CX-3 crossover is different, and something we all needed to see.

There are so many bland crossovers, weird crossovers (looking at you, Nissan Juke), or ones that fail to be innovative (**cough cough** Jeep Renegade **cough**). But the Mazda CX-3 has a sleek design with a fresh profile. It truly stands apart from the rest.

The car was shown off at the LA Auto Show in Mazda’s trademark Soul Red color. It’s perfect for four passengers and has adequate cargo space.

The design really brings it to the next level, as well. Similar to a CX-5 or a Mazda6 in quality, however it has a simple design that really highlights its elegant design. This vehicle contains everything it needs to be just what we’re all looking for in a crossover.

Here at Steet Ponte Mazda, we know that our brand is a cut above the rest, and we look forward to helping you discover that, too.

Introducing the MX-5 Global Cup Series: Racing At its Finest

MX-5 Global Cup Series - 2016 Mazda MX-5 MiataAt Steet Ponte Mazda, we take pride in knowing the MX-5 Miata is the best-selling roadster in history. With drivers around the world grinning from ear to ear in this sporty model, it seems like Mazda doesn’t need to change a thing. But will we ever see a race-worthy model?

Mazda recently announced that the new 2016 Mazda MX-5 will appear in a new MX-5 Global Cup Series. This series will feature race-modified Miatas that will go head-to-head in competitions around the world. If you’re a fan of the MX-5, you’re not going to want to miss this.

“We’re excited to take the elements of success of the existing Mazda MX-5 Cup series, and introduce them to a new global audience,” said Masahiro Moro, a Managing Executive Officer.  “It has long been our goal to see Mazda fans around the world competing in identical MX-5s, and the launch of the 2016 MX-5 Miata is the perfect time to make this goal a reality.”

Although few details have been released, the race-models will feature a 2.0-liter SKYACTIV-G four-cylinder, according to a Mazda press release. Final details will be released in 2015.

September is Baby Safety Month!

September is baby safety month and we know how important it is to keep your child safe while driving. Here at Steet Ponte Mazda, we understand that protecting your child while they’re in the car is a top concern for parents, especially those new parents with a newborn. We wanted to give you some great tips when it comes to getting the right car seat for your child!Baby Safety Month - Car Seat

  • Choose the Right Direction – Parents should keep their child in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible. This usually lasts until the child is around 2 years old. Kids who ride in rear-facing car seats have the maximum protection for their head, spine and neck and they are facing away from the airbag if it is deployed.
  • Check the Label – Check the label on your child’s car seat to make sure it’s appropriate for your child’s age, height and weight. Each car seat has an expiration date that is usually around six years. Find yours and make sure that it is still safe.
  • Know Your Car Seat’s History – If you are looking to buy a used car seat, make sure you are buying it from someone you know. If the car seat has been in an accident it needs to be replaced. Buying one from a thrift store or over the internet is risky and could be unsafe.
  • Install Your Car Seat Correctly – Perform both the inch and pinch tests. One your car seat is installed give it a good tug at the base where the seat belt goes through. If you can move it an inch either side to side or front to back then it is installed incorrectly. A properly installed seat will not move more than an inch. To perform the pinch test, make sure that the harness is tightly bucked and coming from the correct spots; use your car seat manual. With the chest clip placed at armpit level, pinch the strap at your child’s shoulder. If you cannot pinch any excess webbing your seat is properly installed.
  • Check Your Car Seat – Roughly seventy-three percent of car seats are installed incorrectly. Before you hit the road with your child, make sure that yours is installed properly.

If you’re looking for more advice on car seats or baby safety, visit this website. Steet Ponte Mazda is proud to be a family-oriented business and wants to make sure your family is safe too! Visit our website for a huge selection of our crossovers, SUVs and sedans that make for great family vehicles!

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