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Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

Sharing the road with motorcycles can be a little scary—motorcycles are a lot smaller than cars, tend to weave around more, and easily hide in blind spots. Just follow these tips to keep yourself and the motorcyclists around you safe.

Sharing the road with MotorcyclesAgain: remember your blind spots. A lot more motorcycles are on the road during the summer, so checking your blind spots extra carefully before switching lanes is a must. You should also be extra cautious when switching lanes, especially on the highway, as you’ll create a gust of wind that can knock a motorcycle over if you do it too close. Put plenty of space between you and a motorcycle before you pass it.

If you’re driving behind a motorcycle, put more space than you usually would between yourself and the bike. If you have to stop suddenly, you don’t want to be anywhere near close enough to hit it—whereas tapping the rear of a car in front of you can cause a little damage, running into a motorcycle can be fatal to the rider.

Be careful at intersections, since it can be difficult to tell where and when motorcycles are turning. Any time you make a left turn, keep an eye out for approaching bikes—this is a major cause of accidents for motorcycles.

Never forget that we all have to share the road safely!

Sharing the Road with Motorcyclists – Do’s and Don’t’s

MotorcyclistsFor many, sharing the road with motorcyclists can be intimidating. Despite the “tough guy” attitude we often associate with motorcyclists, they seem so much more vulnerable than those of us protectively encased within our four-wheeled vehicles. That’s because they are. But that doesn’t mean we have to be nervous driving around them. Here are a few of our Steet Ponte Mazda do’s and don’t’s for safe driving with our two-wheeled friends.

Do: Give Them Space

When following any vehicle, it is important to leave enough space to react to sudden changes – last minute turns, sudden braking, etc. When following a motorcycle, it is even more important. Make sure you have at least four seconds of space between you and the motorcycle in front of you. That means when the motorcycle passes a given road sign or building, you should be able to count to at least four before you pass the same point.

Don’t: Anticipate Their Movements

Motorcycles don’t have self-canceling turn signals like our cars, so don’t assume you know which way a motorcyclist is headed. Especially at intersections where you are crossing paths with a motorcycle, try to make eye contact with the driver and wait until you know for sure where he or she is turning before you proceed.

Do: Check Your Blind Spot

As in any case, be sure to check your blind spot before merging or switching lanes. If you know there is a motorcycle near you, make sure you locate it before you move. The driver could be maneuvering through traffic and trying to switch lanes as well.

Driving around motorcycles doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. Essentially, you want to follow the same safe driving habits you normally practice with a little more caution and giving them a little more space. The road is big enough for all of us to share.