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5 Car Spring Cleaning Tips to Live By

car spring cleaning tips

Enlisting a friend not only cuts the work in half, but also makes the time fly!

Spring has sprung, and along with the warmer weather and lighter evenings comes that one thing that people either love or hate—spring cleaning. While you might assume that spring cleaning is limited to inside your home, it’s important to take your car into account when you plan out your cleaning schedule this year.

Winter is a dirty time, with salt and grit coating the outside and underside of your car for much of the season. That’s why it’s important for you to give your car a thorough scrubbing both inside and out. Consider these car spring cleaning tips from Steet Ponte Mazda before you get started…

  • Clean under your floor mats. While you’re sure to remember to vacuum the carpets themselves, there’s almost certainly gunk underneath the mats that needs removing.
  • Swap out your tires. If you switched to winter tires last fall, it’s time to switch back to your all-seasons.
  • Check for trash. It’s easy to let stuff accumulate in your car over the winter, since it’s too cold to think about cleaning it out. Make sure you check in your trunk and under your seats, and get rid of anything you don’t need.
  • Wash and wax. Washing is a given, but waxing is an important step you might not consider. Waxing helps seal the paint and repels water and other debris, so your car will look clean for longer.
  • Clean the seats. If you have cloth upholstery, wipe it down with a hot, wet cloth. Avoid using chemicals—if you encounter a particularly stubborn stain, a little dish soap will work wonders. For leather upholstery, use leather cleaner and cloth to get your seats gleaming.

Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start, and your car is no exception. Make these five car spring cleaning tips a yearly habit and your car will thank you!

Spring Car Care Tips

It’s official. Spring is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to get your car ready for the hot summer months ahead. Winter can be rough on your car (especially here in New York), and you’ll be saving yourself headaches down the road if you address any issues now, before they become major problems.

Here are three car care tips for preparing for summer.

Car Care TipsHave the suspension and alignment checked. Potholes seem to take over our roads during the winter and spring. Potholes can cause serious damage to our car’s alignment and suspension when we hit them, even at low speeds. Ignoring an alignment issue can cause your tires to wear down prematurely.

Remove your snow tires. Snow tires are specifically designed to offer enhanced traction in snowy, icy, and wet conditions, but also reduces efficiency. It’s always best to remove your snow tires after the season’s last snow fall in favor of summer tires, so that your snow tires will last as long as possible.

Check your lights, windshield wipers, battery, and summer tires. Prepare for summer rain and fog by making sure that all burnt-out lightbulbs are replaced, your windshield wipers are effective, and your tires aren’t over-worn. Also have your battery tested – if it’s nearing the end of its life, we recommend having that replaced sooner rather than later.

Check out Consumer Reports for more spring car care tips.

Stop by Steet Ponte Mazda today to learn more about spring car care, and how to make sure your car is prepared for the coming months.